Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nieces and Nephews

Lori is doing very well after her 2nd bout with breast cancer and has been back to work for two weeks and looks good. Their boys are now 6'3" and 6'1. Zack will be a Senior this year and will be playing football and basketball. Kendall and Deb came without the kids as Caleb is working at Culvers and their daughter, who is 17 already was gone to Chicago to a big wedding. They are driving a beautiful black Cadillac Escalade. Both of them looked just great. Kevin came with his two boys who have both grown a foot too and Michelle came with her boyfriend and Isaiah, who is three and so cute. Danny's son,Jordan is so tall already, I couldn't get over it and Victoria has gotten so tall too. My, how they do grow up.

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