Friday, July 06, 2007

Is 7/7/07 A Lucky Day To Marry?

Whether or not it is lucky, it is good business for everyone dealing in weddings, from the wedding dresses down to the caterer. Skeptics point out it is no more lucky than any other day but try telling that to the people who have chosen it for their wedding date. Casinos across the country are rolling heavy doses of sevens to attract superstitious gamblers. They have everything from a $7 drink special to luxury watches selling for $777. One casino in Atlantic City is offering a $7,777 package that includes a bi-level suite, two tickets to a show and the spa and dining and shopping credits. An Internet wedding planner, The Knot, said 38,000 of the company's members are getting married that day, up from the normal 12,000 for a Saturday in July. The Six Flags amusement park chain is hosting seven wedding receptions at 7 a.m. at each of its 12 U.S. facilities. They're calling the event "Thrilled Ever After."

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