Friday, March 07, 2008

Hormone Study Finds Heart Risks Fade

I am not quite sure what to think about this report, as I took hormones for 25 years without any problems. I always thought the main worry with taking them was that they could cause breast cancer. However, the first follow-up of a landmark study of hormone use after menopause shows heart problems linked with the pills seem to fade after women stop taking them, while surprising new cancer risks appear. I never knew they could cause heart problems and don't remember ever reading that in the information that came with the pills, not that it wasn't there, but I don't remember it. That heart trouble, associated with hormones, may not be permanent is good news for millions of women who quit taking them after the government study was halted six years ago because of heart risks and breast cancer. But the new risks for other cancers, particularly lung tumors, in women who had taken estrogen-progestin pills for about five years puzzled the researchers and outside experts. Those risks were completely unanticipated according to Dr. Geraldo Heiss of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, lead author of the follow-up analysis.

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