Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Does Nutrisystem Work

Having been on more diets than I can count or remember, I have noticed a great many ads in magazines and on television showing well known celebrities who have lost all kinds of weight on Nutrisystem. But  does nutrisystem work?  It tends to get you all enthused about buying their plan because nothing else has worked for you yet and this looks like a great plan. I guess when it first came out it was more up to you what you ate but now it is all pre-packaged and they make the food look so delicious, how can anyone resist?  They say there are no side effects but I think it depends a great deal on your body.  Our neighbor ended up in ER because the diet wasn't suited to his body.  I believe the only safe way to lose weight if you are really serious about it, is to use a smaller dinner plate and put less on it.  Keep eating anything you wish but in smaller amounts and the weight comes off slowly but you didn't put it on quickly so you can't expect it to come off in a hurry.  Exercise, eat less, but eat the right foods and you will lose weight.  It works.  I'm speaking from experience.

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