Friday, June 01, 2012

Zenni Optical

So you have reached the age where you can't hold the paper far enough away from you to read it. Of course, that means it is time for you to see your optometrist. This means choosing the right eye glasses for your face. I know it is extremely important to get the right prescription, as well. That comes first. Then you start trying on glasses. It all depends a great deal on the shape of your face. That will help you decide which eye glasses look best on you. You want them to compliment your looks, not detract from them or worse yet, look weird or funny on you. They joke about the old "school teacher" look and you surely don't want that. You want to get attractive, up-to-date glasses that will add to your personality and good looks. Another thing to look at is how the color of the glasses blend in with your hair color. It will compliment you much more wearing glasses if they don't stand out like dark brown on gray hair for example. I chose my frames both both beauty and color. I also like the plastic frames rather than metal as I am allergic to metal and that could cause problems. In shopping the Internet, I found famous people depend on just the right frames for their lenses too.

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