Thursday, October 04, 2012

Change in the Weather

We have had a strange Spring and Summer and now Fall is following the same way.  It has been exceptionally dry.  The rain has gone north and south of us, leaving us with very dry ground.  The crops have had to be brought in early as they have matured too quickly and some of the ears on the corn, I have heard, don't even have kernels on them.  Others are so small.  I read yesterday that the beans are falling out of the pods onto the ground and therefore, can't be picked up by the combine.  This makes for a smaller yield of both corn and beans.  We are using a lot of both to make Ethanol in the gasoline and I don't think it is right to use food for fuel.  Grocery prices are going up because of it and things could get worse. The farmers can't afford to feed their animals the high priced grains so we will be seeing a shortage of meat too.  None of that is good news.

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