Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Motel

They tore down the old motel that had been in our little town for years and years.  It was there when we moved here in 1970 and who knows how long before that.  It was old and musty but now we have a beautiful Inns and Suites.  They had Open House this morning and I took my neighbor and we went early.  It started at 9:00 m to 11:00 and were only about 10 cars there.  By the time we left the parking lot was jammed and people were waiting for a parking place.  The rooms have leather furniture, completely beautiful in every way.  They have several suites and they are gorgeous.  We had coffee and donuts in the eating area and nice little kitchen for breakfast foods and complimentary breakfast.  They open on Monday and I hope they will be a real success.  We have several large businesses in our little town and think salesmen will just love staying there.  The limo can take them to and from the Airport when needed too.  It is a great addition to our town.

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