Thursday, June 20, 2013


It seems like it used to be that there were only a few known types of cancer.  But today, new ones seem to be popping up almost weekly or monthly.  My neighbor was discovered to have a very rare form of cancer in a growth on his forehead. They basically thought it was probably skin cancer, perhaps melanoma.  However, it turned out to be a very rare cancer and the very doctors in the cancer center had to check it out themselves before they would know how to treat it.  He has had to go through a great many tests and his surgery is finally set up for Monday.  They will have to go into the growth and go deeper to the bone by his hairline.  He will probably lose that part of his hair forever.  Not only that, but it has spread down both sides of his face and under his chin near his thyroid.  They will have to open his face on both sides to take out the cancer and also under his chin.  It will be a 7 hour surgery. He is also diabetic which adds to the complications. I think he is 74 and I hope he is able to come through this major surgery alright.

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