Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mailboxes and Address Plaques

A great way to dress up your house is with house address plaques made by whitehall products. There is a huge variety of address plaques that come in all shapes and sizes.  A welcoming plaque is always a favorite.  In checking the Internet, I found you could get a lighted address plaque with solar so that it will reflect at night and your friends and family can see it quickly when they come to visit.  It is always easier to see a night reflecting plaque.  Also, address signs come in so many sizes and shapes.  They are different colors, made of various materials, and one home I pass frequently has a hanging address plaque on a pole that catches your eye immediately.  I feel a nice address plaque adds to the beauty of the home and gives it personality. Additionally, there is a great variety of mailboxes, as well, that are hand painted with your choice of designs such as flowers or scenes made by whitehall products.

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