Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sleet and Rain

Just got through with another bout of heavy rain and then sleet.  Now it has stopped again but it is the calm before the storm.  Schools west of us about 30 miles closed early due to the rain changing to snow. Heard one town is already getting snow.  We are not supposed to get much, an inch or two but it is April.  We are way below normal in temperatures.  It was 35 and now it is 34 degrees.  Very overcast and cloudy.  Have used the lights a lot during the daytime this week.  I gave the neighbor a ride uptown and boy did it rain. They say we need about 3 weeks more rain before it will soak in deep enough to stop the drought.  I guess the rain just sits in the first few layers like a sponge and doesn't soak on down for weeks.  It needs to get down to the aquifers too so that we will have plenty of water in the wells.

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