Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving Fun

Had two Thanksgivings this year. The first one was with my daughter-in-laws family and so much delicious food. Then we played a game we all love to play and have so much fun doing it. Her mother brought a whole bunch of cookbooks that looked like new. We were able to take home any and all we wanted. I picked out 3 each for my twin girls. I know they will enjoy them. Then the next day we went to a grandson's home and there celebrated their little one year old's birthday and had treats, punch and cake. A couple hours later had another feast. I had a wonderful time. Now the cold has set in and it is only 9 degrees and the wind chill is way below zero. I am not going outside until tomorrow. It is supposed to start warming to the 20's. Doesn't sound like much but will be better than the terrible NW wind we have today. The sun is out and if you look out the window, it looks wonderful outside. But don't let it fool you. You will have frostbite in minutes or less.

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